Orange Dragon Mayhem v2 pcb

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mayhemv2pcb Just the board $65.00

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It is recommended to use the sockets for all modules. It makes it easier to replace the modules if you ever have to.

The top module is the active module. So, with the camera facing you the CC1101 is active and of course facing away from you the NRF24L01.

The mini push-button switch can be mounted on either side of the board. We have done some testing with various 10uf capacitors and the quality varies considerably. The capacitors in our kit are Panasonic and seem to be of superior quality. The capacitor is used with the NRF24L01 module.

20240116_125709 Bring Your Own Modules Kit $85.00 The Bring Your Own Modules Kit includes board & components ONLY (includes no modules)

Complete Kit $105 The Complete Kit includes board, components & ESP32-CAM/NRF24L01(internal antenna)/CC1101 modules




Mayhem v2 Fully Assembled & Tested $150


Mayhem v2 PCB Components Kit $20

Click here for ESP32-CAM firmware installation notes